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  • Simple Service Agreement





*Blind Service and STAT fees may apply

Sharps $20.00 per gallon                  (sharps containers are non-reusable)

Clinics provide their own containers or can purchase from PMWS.

 Regulated Medical Waste RMW

 5 gallon bucket...............$20.00                        SEE BELOW FOR CONTAINER IMAGES

 28 gallon container........$55.00                         SEE BELOW FOR CONTAINER IMAGES

 32 gallon barrel..............$58.00                         SEE BELOW FOR CONTAINER IMAGES

 44 gallon barrel..............$90.00                         SEE BELOW FOR CONTAINER IMAGES

 96 gallon rolling............$175.00                        SEE BELOW FOR CONTAINER IMAGES

96 gallon rolling (NO SHARPS)  $139.00           SEE BELOW FOR CONTAINER IMAGES

Loaner containers available, with liners:
28 gallon tub with lid

32 gallon container with lid
44 gallon barrel with lid

96 gallon rolling container with lid.

  • All containers are swapped out with a clean and sanitized container with liner bag. *Sharps containers are the responsibility of the practice.

  • Medical Waste tracking forms are issued for all medical waste services, to prove you are compliant with regulations.

*Sharps containers are non-reusable but are very affordable from Amazon by the case, or we sell 2 gallon sharps containers during our visit. ($9.95 + tax)

No additional fees, or contracts!

Large generator discounts available.

Medical Waste 10.jpg

We keep things simple and above board.


Ponderosa Medical Waste has NO hidden costs, NO maintenance fees, NO account service fee and none of the numerous fees the other companies charge. 


What is advertised as the cost per gallon is exactly what you pay.

We ask you to compare our pricing to your current vendor.


- Are you billed monthly regardless of how many times your account is serviced?

- Are you billed for minimum amounts of medical waste whether you have it or not?

- Are you in a contract that renews automatically without review?

There is no need for small and medium size clinics to endure the hassle of medical waste disposal!


Medical Waste is highly regulated by ADEQ in accordance with EPA mandates. Call the local company that understands "compliance", we issue medical waste tracking forms for all services.

Ponderosa Medical Waste also has discounts and special pricing  for large generators (hospitals, Laboratories, etc.)

If you need service, simply reply to our monthly email or call 928.606.6648 or email us at

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