Due to our ever expanding business, the medical waste route schedule has changed to give each area it's own week, in order to lighten the stress load of trying to complete everything in one week.

Now with refrigerated trucks, we can hold medical waste longer than the 48 hour rule per ADEQ.​

We service Flagstaff, Sedona, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Williams, Payson, and Winslow.

Our expansion areas include Tuba City, Polacca, Keams Canyon, Dilkon, and the Navajo Nation.


January 5  Prescott Area

January 6 Winslow

January 12 Sedona-Verde Valley

January 19 Payson & Winslow

January 26 Flagstaff Area

APRIL 2022

April 6   Prescott Area

April 7    Winslow

April 13  Sedona-Verde Valley

April 14  Winslow

April 20 Payson-Winslow

April 27  Flagstaff Area

April 28 Winslow


February 2  Prescott Area

February 3 Winslow

February 9 Sedona-Verde Valley

February 16 Payson & Winslow

February 23 Flagstaff Area

MAY 2022

May 4 Prescott Area

May 6 Winslow

May 10 Sedona-Verde Valley

May 18 Payson Winslow

May 25 Flagstaff Area

May 26 Winslow

MARCH 2022

March 2:   Prescott Area

March 3:   Winslow

March 9:   Sedona-Verde Valley

March 10:  Winslow

March 21:  Payson & Winslow

March 23:  Flagstaff Area

March 24:  Winslow

JUNE 2022

June 9 Winslow

June 14 Prescott Area

June 15 Sedona-Verde Valley

June 21 Payson- Winslow

June 29 Flagstaff Area

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