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What is Biohazardous Medical Waste

Revised on: January 10, 2020

Biohazardous medical waste is medical waste that is composed of one or more of the following:

COVID19 Response

Waste contaminated with bodily fluids or other infectious materials is becoming a bigger concern for hospitals as they brace for a surge in patients sick with COVID-19 in the US.

Patients and health care workers are quickly going through medical supplies and disposable personal protective equipment, like masks. Eventually all that used gear piles up as medical waste that needs to be safely discarded. Biohazardous medical waste is highly regulated by the ADEQ for EPA standards. Tracking forms are issued for all medical waste handeled, proof of compliance.

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As we continue to grow we are happy to announce our medical waste cost saving services to the Prescott, Prescott Valley area.


16 local practices have already asked us to provide biohazardous waste services in the Tri-Cities area and Yavapai County. 

They appreciate our upfront fees, hassle free-no contracts, "use as you need" services.

Discounts available for large generators of medical waste such as hospitals, community health services, clinics, etc.

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